The Art of Masquerade Masks

The modern revival of masquerade masks is deeply rooted in craftsmanship and the artistic qualities of the masks. While these agents of disguise originated in Venice they have been welcomed in other parts of the world including the rest of Europe and the Americas. Each region has its own style and culture surrounding these masks. … Read more

Mardi Gras Masks as Art

The Mardi Gras Mask and Its Features While Mardi Gras masks are being mass produced in modern times, thousands of people continue the tradition of creating handmade masks. This is an art form that has passed down from one generation to another and one culture to another. One can find original Mardi Gras masks from … Read more

His & Hers Mardi Gras Masks

Elegant His & Hers Masquerade Ball masks for sale. These beautiful matching masks are great for Masquerade Balls and Mardi Gras Parties. These masks are usually silver or gold and are adorned with feathers for the ladies. Clicking the links below will open a new window in your browser with a full description of the … Read more

Mardi Gras Stick Mask

Mardi Gras Wand Masks, also known as Stick Masks, for sale from around the world. A Mardis Gras mask on a wand is an elegant accessory for any kind of party. These beautiful and sophisticated masks won’t mess up your hair and save you from the discomfort of a retaining strap. Clicking the links below … Read more

Mardi Gras Mask Wand

The wand mask is also known as the Columbine or Columbina mask. They are usually half masks and highly embellished with gold and other metals and feathers. The stick portion of these masks is used to hold the mask up to one’s face. The Columbine, or wand mask was made popular by an actress named … Read more

Harlequin Masks

The harlequin has been a central character in many theatrical performances including the Commedia dell’Arte and is one of the more mystical and fantasy-like characters in literature. The origin of the harlequin dates back to the 16th century. He is distinctly known for his dynamic outfit and personality. Dressed in a colorful diamond checkered outfit … Read more

A History of Masquerade Masks

Disguising one’s identity with elaborately painted masks was a significant part of the late 13th Century. Venice was the birthplace of the masquerade and the masks played a central role in society. Beginning on the day of Santo Stefano and ending at midnight of Shrove Tuesday, citizens of Venice would dress in fanciful outfits and … Read more


We love masquerade masks, and we wanted others to be able to find the great selection of masquerade party masks that are available online. Ebay has a fantastic selection and lowest prices on hundreds of masquerade, Venetian, Mardi Gras masks and other party masks on the internet, so we created this site to take the … Read more

Privacy Policy

Masquerade Party takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. Please use the following references to learn more about privacy policies in general: Microsoft Home User Privacy and Security Wikipedia Internet Privacy Information Routine Information Collection Your privacy is important to us. The Masquerade … Read more

Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras Masks: Celebrations in Disguise Mardi Gras is a pre-Lent festival that celebrates humanity in disguise on the international level. From Europe to the Caribbean and the United States to Canada, Mardi Gras is a day of celebration right before Shrove Tuesday, or Ash Wednesday. The earliest accounts of Mardi Gras took place during … Read more